- issue one -  Inflection Point

- issue one - Inflection Point

In which Allie n Steve, Lloyd and others tell a story about racism, white guilt and how to properly throw a brick.


Edited and Produced by:

Allie n Steve and Lloyd Brodnax King

with help from Katelyn Sinclair and The Anchorwoman


Mastered by Andy Shoemaker



______ Audio sampled from:

“Back Story” podcast #0212 “The Melting Pot: Americans and Assimilation”


______ Music:

“Ballad For Americans” - 1939

music by Earl Robinson & lyrics by John La Touche

“It Takes a Thief” Theme music

composed by Dave Grusin

“A Yankee Clipper in Congo Square”

composed for WalkWest Productions by Steve Mullen


Ending credits music by Natalie Tate 

“Everybody’s Talkin’” - music by Allie n Steve Mullen

Samples include:

“Dangerous Blues” sung by Mattie Mae Thomas

“Dangerous Blues” sung by Floyd Batts

Original vocal sung by Keely Mullen


Additional music by Allie n Steve and Lloyd Brodnax King available at  A Yankee Clipper In Congo Square and https://lloydbking.bandcamp.com/.

Image credit: George Herriman